Studying Chinese brings joy, opportunities to Vietnamese youth

HANOI, Aug. 25 (Xinhua) -- "My student has already secured a berth to the Chinese Bridge final in China," read a status posted on Friday on a social network by a Vietnamese man...

Chinese scholarships allow Vietnamese to master Chinese advancements, boost symbiotic ties

Many Vietnamese intellectuals said after receiving scholarships from the Chinese government they will spare no efforts to master Chinese advancements, especially in culture and technology, to bring about practical applications or transfer knowledge effectively to younger generations in Vietnam...

China-constructed urban railway in Vietnam starts final test runs

Vietnam's first urban railway, constructed by China Railway Sixth Group Co. Ltd, started final test runs on Wednesday. The Cat Linh-Ha Dong urban rail line in Vietnam's Hanoi capital started test runs with full electricity system on Wednesday. Over 100 representatives from Vietnamese and foreign news agencies in Vietnam and from the Chinese contractor boarded a four-carriage train to experience and evaluate its operation...

San Yue San Festival celebrated in Hanoi, Vietnam

Chinese artists perform at an art show held to celebrate the "San Yue San" festival in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, April 18, 2018. The festival is shared by both Vietnam and China and climaxes on the third day of the third lunar month...

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